The two main things that differentiate Actionstep from the competition are (1) Breadth of Functionality (more features than you can shake a stick at), and (2) Workflow (the ability to automate your firm)

  • archive Matter Management

    A complete electronic file for each matter with built-in workflow. Keep everything to do with the matter in one place (documents, email, file notes, parties, billing, etc.).

  • copy Document Automation

    Automatically generate letters, wills, and contracts in seconds using live data. Save time and increase quality. It’s a no-brainer!

  • cloud Document Management

    Store all your documents securely within their associated matters. Flexible folder structures and powerful full-text search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Link documents to accounting transaction and contact records.

  • directions Workflow

    Automate you firm by creating unique workflows for each practice area. Workflow boosts efficiency, quality, and profitability.

  • time Time Recording

    Easily record actual and billable time. Switch between running timers. Rate sheet overrides by matter type, client, and matter. Can’t remember what you worked on? No problem, our smart ‘Suggestions’ feature helps you fill in the gaps in your timesheet.

  • email Email

    Save you emails to matters. Automatically generate standard emails from templates. Use our Outlook and GMail plugins to easily upload messages and attachments to matters.

  • calendar Calendar

    Share calendars with selected staff members. Automatically see matter and task dates on your calendar. Seamless bi-directional sync with Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendars.

  • laptop Microsoft Office Integration

    Our Windows MS Office plugin allows you to operate on Actionstep from within Outlook and Word. Open documents from Actionstep into your local version of Office and save automatically back to Actionstep.

  • conflict-check Conflict Check

    Checking for conflicts of interest cannot be easier or more consistent. Actionstep’s “One-Click Conflict Check” does all the heavy lifting for you. Instantly save a PDF of the results to the matter or contact record.

  • calc Client Billing

    Get your bills out and get paid! Support for hourly and fixed fee billing arrangements. Easily recover costs by linking them to matters.

  • briefcase General Ledger

    No need for a separate accounting application. Actionstep includes a full-featured, multi-currency, multi-divisional general ledger with everything you would expect from a serious accounting system.

  • trust-feature-icon Trust Accounting

    Keep track of your Trust Accounts. Compliant with Law Society Regulations.

  • globe Client Portal

    Client expectations are changing. Give them a login to a secure portal where you can exchange documents and chat. So much better than email, and it gives your firm a progressive image.

  • speedometer Custom Reporting

    Easily create custom views of your data. Filter, sort, drag columns around – you’re in control! Get your favourite reports emailed to you daily or weekly.

  • flipchart Marketing

    Keep track of all your marketing activities and associated expenses. Link new clients to marketing campaigns so you can find out which campaigns are the most cost-effective.

  • chart Sales-CRM

    New client enquiries should be treated like gold! Don’t leave this to chance. Use a structured workflow to ensure that prospects get the attention they deserve, and lead them through to a successful engagement.