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Be part of something big.

At Actionstep we strive to create an exciting place to work, with a strong company culture and a clear mission to be the world’s leading cloud practice management solution. Working here means being part of a team that works hard, fast and cleverly to keep Actionstep growing at rocket-ship speeds.This is a culture where collaboration, quirkiness, growth, great results, a sense of humour, and indulging in food are wholeheartedly encouraged.

In exchange for all your hard work, here are the things you can expect from us:

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is the super hero and information silos are the villain. If you take the day off and work still keeps ticking on without you, we know you’re doing your job right! Actionstep has dedicated time slots every day for consulting with our in-house experts so they’ll always have time for you. It’s an open door policy, without the doors.

Wear what you like

We hired you because of how awesome you are, not because of how you dress. The rule is that if you can get to work without getting arrested then you can wear it.

Take your birthday off

The planet is better off with you on it, so celebrate your grand entrance. Enjoy the day off on us and spend it in bed, in a spa, sky diving, power shopping, or gaming – you choose.

Up-skilling assistance

We want you to be the best you can be, so we help and encourage team members to “up-skill” so that you never stop learning and never stop growing.

Work hard, play hard

We love to work hard and we love to play just as hard. We often take time out to have fun together outside the office.

Positions you can apply for right now

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