Actionstep + Gmail


Actionstep works where you work; right inside Gmail.

Open an email message and the Gadget communicates with your Actionstep system to suggest some matching matters (or you can do a search). It’s uncannily smart!

From within Gmail you can:

  • Copy the message into the matter in Actionstep
  • Save attachments to matter folders in Actionstep
  • View the matter party details
  • Record time against the matter



You must have a Google Apps setup for your email. A regular Gmail account will not work. Gmail and our gadget only support modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE10+.


  1. Go to the marketplace link above
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Once installed for your domain each user will need to authorize the gadget by clicking on “Authorize”.
  4. Login and return to Gmail.
  5. Search for an Action / Matter to get started

Getting started


Find out more about how the gadget works on our userguide.

Visit the Userguide

  • Price: FREE 
  • Author: Actionstep