Actionstep + Zapier


Zapier is an online tool that helps you link different applications together. So you can, for example, turn an email into an Action or convert an SMS message into a File Note.

Learn more on the Zapier website

Actionstep supports a number of Triggers and Actions and we will continue to add to the list.


The following events in Actionstep can be sent to Zapier:

  • A new matter is created
  • A new contact is created
  • A new task is created
  • A contact is added to an matter
  • A step changes in an matter


Upon receiving a “Zap” you can tell Actionstep to do any of the following things using the contents of the Zap:

  • Create a file note
  • Create a task
  • Create a contact
  • Create a matter
  • Add a contact to a matter



  • Price: FREE + Zapier Subscription 
  • Author: Actionstep