45-minute Demo and live Q&A session with the CEO

Most Mondays

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Hosted by Ted Jordan – CEO

Topics Covered:
  • About Actionstep
  • User Interface Tour
  • Custom Reporting
  • Tasks
  • Accounting
  • Trust Accounting
  • Web-Forms
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Time Recording
  • Search
  • Workflow and Matter Files

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Lawyers With Purpose on Actionstep Live Demo and Q&A

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Hosted by Ted Jordan – CEO

Topics Covered:

Take a look at how Lawyers with Purpose (LWP) have teamed up with Actionstep to provide the next-generation practice management system on the “Cloud” for estate planning and elder law firms in the United States.

LWP provides customized estate planning, elder law and Asset Protection solutions on Actionstep, as well as state-of-the-art industry leading trust drafting software. The Estate & Elder Law planning solutions include; workflow automation, document drafting, practice management systematization for lead generation (marketing), lead conversion (client enrollment), accounting, real time reporting and tracking.

Why not join me for a 30 minute live product demonstration which will highlight the main features and and give you a tour of the user interface. After the demo the webinar will be opened up for questions.

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The all new Time Recording Features

Webinar completed, but watch the recording

Hosted by Ted Jordan – CEO
A must-see for anyone who records time in Actionstep

Topics Covered:
  • The brand new Time and Disbursements entry screen
  • The “Suggestions” panel – filling in the gaps in your day
  • Real-time timers
  • Task-based billing – UTBMS (LEDES) codes

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