BKexpress Cloud

Developed by OTB Consulting which has been developing workflow systems for law firms for 20 years.

Benefits of BKexpress Cloud

BKexpress Cloud has been created by OTB Consulting, the developers of BKexpress, the leading premise-based case management system for consumer bankruptcy practices.

At the core of BKexpress Cloud and all Editions is its workflow and best practices derived from years of experience working with hundreds of consumer bankruptcy firms of all shapes and sizes, from solos to some of the largest firms in the country.

Using Actionstep together with BKexpress Cloud will not only dramatically decreases the work you would otherwise have to do to customize Actionstep for your consumer bankruptcy practice, but most importantly will increase your firm’s bottom line profits and efficiencies.

Actionstep is a very robust and comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) legal case management system. In addition to managing the standard types of data that law firms handle (contacts, cases, calendars, tasks, documents, emails, file notes, etc.), Actionstep also includes several powerful features that until now only premise-based case management programs have had.

However, with power comes a degree of complexity. Most attorneys don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to customize Actionstep for their practices, and few have any experience configuring any case management system, whether SaaS or premise-based. BKexpress Cloud, as well as the U.S. Litigation Packages, are designed for those firms that want a very robust and comprehensive case management system, but know that their time is better spent practicing law and helping their clients than configuring a case management system from scratch.

Consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Workflow

BKexpress Cloud increases your efficiency and productivity by managing the workflow of your bankruptcy cases. An “assembly line” of steps manages each case from your first contact with the prospective client to the closing of the case, and everything in between, with the exception of the bankruptcy petition preparation.

  • Prospect Management and Client Retention
  • Getting Paid
  • Document Collection
  • Petition Preparation
  • Petition Signing
  • Petition Filing
  • Post-Filing Tasks
  • 341 Meeting Preparation and Follow-Up
  • Confirmation (Ch. 13)
  • Discharge
  • File Closing

BKexpress Cloud shows you where all of your cases are in the workflow process, and how long they have been there. For example, if there are many cases in the Petition Prep step and they have been there a long time, you would want to investigate what is causing the backup.

BKexpress Cloud includes powerful workflow features that are customized for consumer bankruptcy practices. When a matter is moved to the next step, the required or optional tasks and documents are added automatically. For example, when a matter is moved to the Post-Filing step, a series of tasks are added, such as “Notify Client of 341,” and “Send Documents to Trustee;” which include merging letters to the client and the trustee.

BKexpress Cloud Custom Data and Participant Types

All case management programs include certain basic data fields. For example, contact records include name and address, and case records include case name and client name. Not all case management systems allow you to add more fields, and fewer allow you to add fields that are specific to a practice area or type of contact so that you can manage all of the information you need from your computer without the need to search though heaps of data or rely on a paper file.

Actionstep not only provides the ability to add an unlimited number of data fields so that you can add fields for the type of data you want to track, but together with BKexpressCloud the fields are also specific to consumer bankruptcy law and each Participant Type. (A Participant is a Contact who is related to one or more cases, such as a trustee.) For example, BKexpress Cloud includes fields for District, Division, and Lead Source, the selection options for which are customizable for each firm’s jurisdiction and practice requirements.

BKexpress Cloud includes dozens of such customized fields, grouped in these areas:

  • Prospect Information
  • Case Opening Information
  • Pre-Filing Information
  • Hot/Wait/Freeze Information
  • Post-Filing Information
  • Case Closing Info

In addition, Actionstep manages the following types of data for each matter:

  • Overview
  • Parties
  • File Notes
  • Tasks
  • Email
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Billing
  • Accounting

BKexpress Cloud adds over 20 different Participant Types, such as Client, Responsible Attorney, Debtor, Co-Debtor, Trustee, Secured Creditor, Unsecured Creditor, etc. Each Participant Type has fields that are specific to that Type. For example, the Trustee Participant Type has fields such as 341 Recommendation. The information you enter in these fields will be different from case to case, but the Participant’s name, address, etc., will remain the same. This allows you to focus in on the information you’re looking for, and not waste time rummaging through either a paper file or digital case management system’s file notes.

The data in these fields can also be merged into document templates so that, for example, a letter to the court can be merged with the address in the court’s Participant record, but with the case number of the case you are working on. You can use the same template to merge the same letter in another case, which will merge that case’s case number.

Task Management

BKexpress Cloud customizes several Actionstep functions to manage your workflow. Tasks are automatically added as part of the workflow process, and can be added manually as well.

These tasks appear on the case record, on a master task list, on each user’s task list, and on various specialized Task Views. BKexpress Cloud includes 18 Task Views to show Tasks such as the deadlines assigned to each user, all of the high priority tasks, all of the uncompleted tasks, etc. Any of these Task lists can also be automatically emailed to you daily.

Managing tasks in this manner replaces the need for someone to recognize that a case has reached a certain point, and perform the necessary tasks. It reduces confusion, enables you to complete your work faster with fewer mistakes, and allows you to provider higher quality legal services at less cost to you, thus improving client satisfaction and generating better referrals.

BKexpress Cloud Document and Email Templates

All of the data in Actionstep can be merged with document and email templates to automate the assembly of routine documents and emails. BKexpress Cloud includes over 200 routine templates such as engagement and non-engagement letters, 341 Meeting notice letter to the client, and letters to all Participants. You can add your own language to these document templates, and create additional templates using your own forms. These templates reduce the time it takes to create your standard documents, and make it less likely that mistakes will be made than when copying and pasting from an existing document.

BKexpress Cloud Training and Help

To assist you in learning how to use BKexpress Cloud, training is provided by a combination of more than 30 live and recorded training sessions, and online Wiki documents help.


$30 per user per month, in addition to your Actionstep subscription.

To order BKexpress Cloud contact OTB Consulting at 919-677-1415 x2 or BKexpress@otb-consulting.com

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