Social Security Disability

Track important data, deadlines, hearing dates, appeals & more, on Claimant's work history and health.


  • This workflow handles the initial intake, engagement or non-engagement, hearings, outcome (favorable or denied) and appeals.
  • Moving through steps such as “hearing requested” and “1695 confirmation” prompt the user to enter important data and auto-assigns tasks.
  • Workflow has loops built-in for appeals, and ability to jump to “dire need hearing” at any time.
  • Built-in follow-up system to request claimant’s medical records every 3 months. As data is entered, reports are automatically updated in real time.

D. Brash Consulting LLC workflows may be installed in any live Actionstep system. They are ready for use upon installation, however, the workflows are completely customizable. Each workflow comes with a 60 minute tweaking session after installation.

D. Brash Consulting LLC will customize the pre-installed document templates listed under “Document Automation” with your firm’s electronic letterhead as part of the flat fee cost of the installed workflow (a $300 added value). Document and email merge templates decrease administrative time and reduce errors.

Listed here are a few of the features.

Auto-assign tasks

  • Tasks with due dates hinged upon dates such as date of onset, original denial date and other key dates to ensure deadlines are met
  • Recurring tasks built-in for follow-up for updated medical records

Extensive data collections

  • File Information, such as date retained, case number, original denial date, local social security office, medical providers and many others
  • Claimant’s information, such as DOB, SSN, marital status, dependents, occupation, education level, disability symptoms, medications and many others
  • Claimant’s employment information such as current or most recent employer, length of time missed, salary, monthly income and many more
  • Key Dates such as, filing requests for multiple hearings, appeals requests, reconsideration hearing requests
  • Medical Providers Records Requests: track each request with dates out and in by provider type with alerts to verify receipt of requests with providers
  • Claimant update forms requests: Use in combination with recurring tasks to update medical forms every 3 months
  • Track meeting dates for initial consults, pre-hearing meeting with claimant and more


  • Reports on case file information and case status
  • Report on claimant disability and employment details
  • Reports on status of records requests from medical providers and the claimant
  • Report on key dates and deadlines

Document Automation

  • Workflow comes with pre-installed merge document templates for confirmation of initial consults, update forms request, and case rejection letter
  • Pre-installed email merge templates for confirmation of initial consults and update forms request
  • A myriad of forms and letters may be uploaded and can utilize contact records and the many fields in the custom data collections to automate creation


Contact for installation instructions.


The system additions, workflows, and/or document templates contained in this add-on are included as examples only, and you are solely responsible for configuring the system to meet your needs and to comply with local regulatory requirements. We update and maintain this add-on as per our third-party liaison recommendations, but cannot guarantee the contents will always remain up-to-date for your region. Actionstep and other providers will not be liable under the law of tort, contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss or damage, however caused, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this add-on.

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