Actionstep Lunch & Learn: CRM, Sales & Marketing

Actionstep Lunch & Learn: CRM, Sales & Marketing

Lunch & Learn

This month’s Lunch & Learn focuses on Actionstep’s CRM, Sales, and Marketing capabilities.

Actionstep has a combination of features and configuration options that work together to create a platform for good CRM.

Join us for an informative Lunch & Learn session on how to:

  • Give your clients unique contact records and map their relationships so you can easily identify who’s who in your Actionstep system.
  • Create exportable contact lists with ease, such as a mailing list or a list of your referrers.
  • Add custom data to your contacts so you can truly capture personal details and specifics about them.
  • Explore Actionstep’s marketing campaigns and marketing activities features so you can track leads and get a return on investment through your marketing events.

Please note this Lunch & Learn will be based on the EBM platform settings in Actionstep. If you are still on classic, please advise so we can tailor our session accordingly.

This truly is a session that will bring plenty of value to your business.

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