Actionstep Lunch & Learn: Webforms & The Client Portal

Actionstep Lunch & Learn: Webforms & The Client Portal

This month’s Lunch & Learn focuses on a couple of Actionstep’s funky features – Webforms and the Client Portal.

Webforms and the Client Portal are unique, clever and customisable features of Actionstep which allow you to connect with your clients, both prospective and current.

Join Nymbus Business Services for an informative Lunch & Learn session about:

  • The main features of Webforms, such as instant alerts, reporting and avoiding data entry.
  • How to create and use Actionstep Webforms in your firm.
  • The benefits of using the Client Portal as a secure place to collaborate on documents, see matter updates and communicate with your clients in real-time.
  • How to install and use the Client Portal and specific permission settings associated with it.

Please note: this Lunch & Learn will be based on the EBM platform settings in Actionstep. If you are still on classic, please advise and we can tailor our session accordingly.

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