Client Portal

Secure Document Exchange and Collaboration with Clients

Secure document exchange and collaboration

Sending sensitive legal documents via email can be problematic, as you have no control over how the message is delivered. When an email travels over the Internet, it typically ‘hops’ from server to server, some of which may not even be in your country, and copies of the message may be left on servers along the way. Each server has its own settings and may strip certain attachments due to size or security settings. You also have no sure way of knowing whether the message was delivered to, and read by the recipient.

Actionstep lets you setup a secure portal that gives your clients secure access to documents, the ability to see the status of their case, and a chat function for easy communication. By adjusting permissions to suit your requirements, you can control whether your clients can read, create, upload or delete documents by folder.

Actionstep maintains an audit trail of all documents accessed, so you can see if your clients have viewed documents, and which documents have been changed. This is not only good for your clients, but also good for your firm, as it drastically reduces the inbound call volume of clients asking for a status update, and enables easy collaboration.