Conflict Check

A single mouse click does it all.

“One-click” conflict check

Actionstep’s “One-Click” conflict check takes the complexity and variability out of conflict checking. It’s as simple as typing in a name, or part of a name, and clicking a button. All data repositories are selected by default, and sensible scope matching ensures that you don’t get flooded with meaningless information, as well as ensuring you don’t miss anything important. You can refine your search by selecting specific data sources and/or changing the search terms.

Search results

The search results are grouped by data source, and the associated detail record is also easy to access from this source. This allows you to examine all the search results in as much detail as you need, without losing context.

Save to PDF/Excel

You can output your search results to a PDF document or an Excel spreadsheet, and also have the ability to save this to the associated matter or contact record. The document contains the date and time the search was run, and which parameters were selected.


Conflict checks can potentially open a security hole if permissions are not respected. In Actionstep, the search results only contain items that the current user is allowed to see. The results clearly show which permissions were in effect during the search.