Legal Document Management

Actionstep software has powerful legal document management features.

Save your documents in matters

Save your documents inside the matter files for easy retrieval. No need for a separate document repository.

Automatic back up and super secure

Just like the rest of your Actionstep data, your documents are automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry about it. You can request a full copy of your documents and data at any time. Our government grade-security and permissions ensure that documents can only be viewed by the intended parties.

Full text search

Documents with text components (DOCX, PDF, etc.) can be searched using our powerful search engine. The documents also inherit the matter tags on upload, so it is easy to find documents by client, matter, and other attributes.

Microsoft Office integration

You can open Actionstep documents directly in Microsoft Office and save them right back to the matter without having to download, edit, then re-upload. With our Microsoft Office plugin, you can even browse Actionstep documents directly from within Microsoft Office on your local computer.

Email integration

Using our Gmail and Microsoft Outlook plugins, you can save documents directly to matter folders from within the email application. You can also send documents out of Actionstep as email attachments.

Secure Document Exchange using the client portal

Share documents securely with your clients by sharing a matter folder with them. Clients can instantly download documents, or provide you with documents by uploading them. This is much more secure than email, and there is also an audit trail of when documents were accessed.

Google Drive, Box, and DropBox integration

You can link your Google Drive, Box, and DropBox accounts to Actionstep, additionally, folders can be linked directly to matters inside Actionstep.