Microsoft Office Integration

Powerful legal software + your favorite productivity suite.

Open Microsoft Office documents from Actionstep

Open your documents from Actionstep in your Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint software, make edits, and then save back to Actionstep. Unlike may other cloud applications, there is no need to download, edit, save, find the file, and then upload again.

Open Actionstep documents from Microsoft Office

The Actionstep integration for Microsoft Office on Windows allows you to browse your Actionstep files from within Microsoft Office. Actionstep appears like a local file system where you can open, edit and save documents directly back into Actionstep.

Assign emails to matters directly inside Outlook

The integration allows you to search for a Matter by name or ID, and quickly assign your current email to that Matter. Your email list view in Outlook can also be updated to show assigned and unassigned emails. Now, there’s no more jumping between applications to record time, add file notes, or review contact details (only available on Microsoft Windows).


You can also select files attached to your email and upload them straight to a matter, and attach files from Actionstep when composing an email.

View participants

View details about any participant, and send an email to multiple recipients on a matter. Find phone numbers, addresses, and other details all from within the plugin.

Record time

Need to enter hours for all the time you spend on your emails? Add an Actionstep task and record time with one click. Just choose your rate, enter your hours, and save.

Add file notes

Add file notes to the assigned matter on the fly. View and read through previous file notes to see the status on your matter.