Time Recording

Smart time recording, with suggestions to help you fill in the gaps

Don’t miss any billable time

You work hard enough as it is, so you deserve the peace of mind knowing that you will get paid for all your efforts. Actionstep has lots of features to ensure that no billable time falls between the cracks.

Filling in the gaps

When you complete your timesheets, Actionstep will help you fill in the gaps by making suggestions based on your calendar appointments, file notes, tasks, and other activities.

Real-time timers

You can run any number of timers simultaneously to track how long you have spent on a phone call, working on a matter, and so on. When you stop a timer it will help you fill out your time entry by setting sensible defaults based on what you were doing.

Activity codes

You can set up pre-defined activity codes that allow you to quickly enter common items such as client meetings or document drafting. The activity codes will auto-fill the descriptions and select the appropriate rate-sheet and income account.

Task-Based billing – UTBMS (LEDES) codes

If your client requires you to submit invoices with formal task and activity codes (like LEDES for example) then you can set these up in Actionstep and they will flow through to your invoices.

Recording time from your mobile device

Use the Actionstep app for iOS and Android to push time into Actionstep. Use the voice-to-text features on these devices to dictate your narrations.

Recording time from Outlook and Gmail

Using our plugins for Microsoft Office and Gmail, you can record time spent on email and documents from within those respective applications.