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  • Verlata

    At Verlata, we strive to build enduring partnerships with clients which allows a collaborative approach to solving business challenges and implementing innovative solutions. Our passion for process improvement inspires us to help businesses achieve outstanding results through innovative ideas and better use of technology.

    Queensland, New South Wales
    1300 215 108

  • Adrians

    At our core we fundamentally believe in helping family owned businesses build financial resilience across generations through planning, advice services, and smart technology tailored for every life-stage of your business. We seek out, evaluate, and implement smart technologies like Actionstep that provide automation efficiencies, data clarity, and easier access to business intelligence, enabling us to collaboratively make the best strategic decisions for your business and ultimately your family. We are committed to achieving generous outcomes, so you can live the way you choose, spending time with the people you value most.

  • Becloudsmart

    Becloudsmart is empowering small and mid-size businesses by making technology a business advantage. With Becloudsmart, you can choose your own path to a modern business with flexible, complete and trusted solutions that address your business goals. Whether you’re growing sales, increasing efficiency, enabling a mobile workforce, or keeping data protected, we can show you how.

  • Denim Consulting

    Denim is a law firm and IT consulting firm. Our advice is unbiased and client focused. All our solutions are tested within our own law firm. Our teams consist of solicitors, management consultants as well as IT and Accounting specialists. Every project combines their experience to provide evidence based, structured and competitive solutions for our clients. Project management, IT Security, Accounting, Cloud Computing and Legal document drafting, and Automation is our expertise. We are a one stop shop for law firms and we make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Our law matter types designed specifically for the Actionstep marketplace allow you to get an insight into what is possible within the system. Our focus is to provide clients with best practice solutions in setting up, running and improving their law firm. Our partnership with Actionstep is in recognition of the quality and customisability of the platform. We utilise Actionstep to implement best practices for our clients. We give our clients the opportunity to focus on their core competencies with Denim taking care of everything else. In modern legal practice your practice management system is your shortcut to make you practice more competitive. The purpose of a PMS system is to take the experience of the senior solicitors and integrate that experience into the system. We help you do that as we have for hundreds of firms. We believe every good project begins with comprehensive requirements analysis. One of our project managers will visit you anywhere in Australia or NZ and take the time to make sure that our proposals reflect your requirement. After that we review you practice regularly to make sure best practices are being adhered to. Call, email or book a meeting to discuss your requirements. Contact us 24hrs a day on 0466593059.

    Melbourne, Victoria
    1300 699 999

  • Entasker

    Entasker is an independent, Sydney-based consultancy firm specialising in Accounting, Document Management and Data Reporting for legal firms and related professionals. Our staff have a combined total of over 25 years of experience at law and accountancy firms, and intergenerational experience reaching back to the 1970s. In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory and technical environments, we can assist you to meet your goals, in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way. We concentrate on what we do well so that you can concentrate on what you do well.

    New South Wales, Australia

  • LFCG

    The Law Firm Consulting Group (LFCG) is an experienced team of consultants, delivering professional consulting and implementation services to law firms and organisations LFCG is dedicated to achieving high performance at all levels of your organisation. We are an Australian consulting group that has the expertise and commitment to help firms like yours to drive initiatives. We endeavour to streamline your operations and processes by implementing integrated and flexible solutions, focusing on three areas: (1) Actionstep practice management, (2) Accounting, branding and HR, and (3) IT support. Together we will create and refine your plan for success and work closely with you to save on the admin time and unlock new revenue opportunities. We have implemented ‘best practice’ for all our law firm clients and have the expertise to modernise your practice to be more efficient and effective in its service delivery. We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you.

    Melbourne, Sydney
    1300 853 140

  • WorkCloud Solutions

    Over the past 5 years, WorkCloud Solutions has helped 100’s of Legal Practices and other Professional Services organisations to upgrade and move their business systems and processes to the Cloud. Our combined legal and professional services expertise in Practice Management Systems, Legal WorkFlow Solutions, and Trust Accounting Compliance brings over 20+ years experience to deliver the right outcome for your practice/business. WorkCloud Solutions removes the technology complications around the cloud by “Making the Cloud Work” by focusing on the business outcomes.

    New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria
    1300 563 199

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