Feature Spotlight: Abbreviations

Save time with Abbreviations

Nominated by Luke Eiserman, Customer Growth Expert, at Actionstep, our latest Feature Spotlight helps you to populate records with ease.

We asked Luke 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love the abbreviations feature as much as Luke does!

Why I love it

Actionstep’s abbreviations are an excellent time-saving feature used to populate records. For example; ‘court appearance’ can be abbreviated to ‘ctap’. This can be used for time entry descriptions and all I need to do is type the abbreviation out ‘ctap’ and ‘court appearance’ will automatically appear. Plus, Abbreviations can be personally tailored to fit every individual Actionstep user.

What it does

The abbreviations feature in Actionstep helps you to populate records with common phrases or words.

This feature works in two steps:

Simply typing the shorten text trigger (i.e ‘ctap’ in the example above) then hitting spacebar, the abbreviation would be triggered.

This time-saving feature can be used in multiple places within Actionstep such as for file notes, time entry descriptions, client refund, firm receipt, firm withdrawal, supplier/vendor payment and many more.

How it makes a difference to law firms

The abbreviations feature within Actionstep is highly beneficial for law firms as system-wide abbreviations can be added to use for file notes, time entry descriptions and disbursement descriptions. This ensures an increase in productivity as users can easily remember and apply abbreviations, plus consistent phrases are used throughout, and staff can spend more time on alternative tasks.

Read more: https://intercom.help/actionstep/en/articles/3523451-abbreviations

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Written by Actionstep Product Team