Feature Spotlight: Time Entry - Suggestions

Never miss billable time

Nominated by Luke Eiserman, Customer Growth Expert at Actionstep, our latest Feature Spotlight helps you to keep track of all activities performed throughout the day.

We asked Luke 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love the time-entry suggestions as much as Luke does!

Why I love it

Actionstep’s time-entry ‘suggestions’ feature is an intelligent and convenient tool for lawyers that shows all activities performed throughout the day, allowing you to create time records for it. It gives assurance and confidence that no billable time is missed, minimising loss.

What it does

The time entry suggestions feature is essentially a collection of activities you have done within Actionstep during any session within the current day. It breaks down each activity on a granular level, showing entries like created a matter, emailed a client, generated a document, updated a document, new contact created, etc ensuring all activities are recorded.

See a sample image below:

Read more about time-entry suggestions >>

How it makes a difference to law firms

The time entry suggestions feature is highly valuable for law firms as it gives assurance that all activities performed throughout the day are captured, leading to accurate billing, less admin work and overall increased productivity as new time records can be created for all the activities listed.

Read more: https://intercom.help/actionstep/en/articles/4639010-time-entries

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Written by Actionstep Product Team