Web-Form creation & how to use them

Our How to... series gives practical tips and step by step guides on how to do lots of different things in Actionstep. We develop these based on the regular queries raised by customers with our support team.

Our latest How to... create web-forms: 

  • What are web-forms?!
  • How to find where to go in the system to create a web-form
  • What are my options - adding web-forms to your website
  • How it can help your law firm

Ok, lets dig in...

1. First, why should I know how to do this?

Web-forms connect your public facing website with your Actionstep system to post data directly into Actionstep. Web-forms are used for all sorts of data capture requirements for example: sale inquiries, contact us pages, survey results, conference sign ups, competitions and support requests.

To simplify client file opening, web-forms can be set-up to create a new matter in your Actionstep system with the submitted information. It can also create new contact records or update existing contact records and add them to that matter.

Using web-forms helps you to manage submissions and create new actions based on submissions.

2. Where do I start in Actionstep?

Navigate to More-> Webforms-> Form Manager

See web-form layout below:

Watch a step-by-step video of how to create a web-form here.

3. Adding web-form to your website

Adding a web-form to your website is a very simple process as Actionstep generates all the HTML code for you, so all you have to do is copy the code (or download it to a file) and paste this into a page on your website using your content management system.

4. How does creating web-forms help your firm?

Creating web-forms lets visitors to your website get in touch with your firm and submit information or requests easily. Actionstep notifies you about new web-form entries via email and the notification bar. You can review the information submitted via web-form before processing it. To help deal with spam, you have the option to delete any webform submission without processing it. Processing the web-form will create or update contact records in Actionstep or can be set-up to create a new matter.

5. Where can I find more information?

Check out our support centre for full details on Creating Web-Forms>>

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