Processing Client Refunds

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Our latest How to... looks at processing client refunds

  • What is Client Refunds?
  • Where to go in the system to process Client Refunds
  • What are my options?
  • How it can help my law firm?

Ok, lets dig in...

1. First, why should I know how to do this?

Client Refunds is a crucial feature that helps to manage over payments or valid credit notes that cannot be applied to an invoice. Having Client Refunds built into Actionstep is secure and convenient, assuring faster refunds, accurate transactions are recorded, and leading to better allocation of funds.

2. Where do I start in Actionstep?

Navigate Create-> Click Show all -> Click Client Refund under Billing

See sample image below:

See a step-by-step guide here >>

3. Keep everything accounted for correctly

The refund process built-in Actionstep is simple and specifically designed to ensure that your debtor reports are kept accurate and banking transactions match with the withdrawals you make in real life. Plus all entries showing up in your debtor reporting are also accounted.

4. How does Client Refunds help my firm?

Refunding a client can be a daunting process but Actionstep makes the process efficient and trackable without having to face a vast administrative process just by selecting the client for a refund and all the outstanding amounts owing (credit notes and unallocated deposits) will be listed. Overall this leads to better client experience as well.

Note: Refunds are available to users using Actionstep's built-in Accounting.

5. Where can I find more information?

Check out our support center for full details on Client Refunds>>

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