Client Management

Turn initial inquiries into loyal paying clients.

Client Management

Get the advantage over your competitors by proactively attracting, engaging, and retaining clients. Actionstep provides a powerful toolkit to help you manage your client relationships.

Sales Pipeline

A structured sales pipeline is the key to maximizing the conversion of leads into paying clients. Actionstep allows you to create a workflow for managing all sales leads.

As you move through each step, automatic emails can be sent to your prospects, and follow-up reminders are created for staff. List views give you the big picture, help you understand your expected cash-flow, and highlight where you need to focus your attention.

Sales Pipeline


Connect to your Website

Using Actionstep’s Webforms, you can easily create a client intake or ‘Contact Us’ form for your website that connects directly to your sales workflow. Upon the website user submitting the form, all the actions on the first step are triggered, such as sending a thank you email and setting a follow-up task for a staff member.

Actionstep’s Webforms also help you to measure and report on response times. This can help you improve efficiency, increase your customer satisfaction, and prevent valuable leads from slipping away.

Keep Clients Informed

Clients like to hear from you. Tools such as ‘automatic email’ can notify your clients when a matter changes step automatically. This requires no extra effort, but can make a world of difference to your clients.


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