Actionstep has powerful marketing management features to help you grow your firm.


Manage your Marketing

Actionstep doesn’t stop at matter management – it’s a highly comprehensive software that can help you manage and coordinate just about anything, including your marketing campaigns and activities.

Actionstep lets you easily define all your marketing campaigns and related activities, set budgets, timeframes, and expected results. You can follow a workflow, store file notes, emails and documents, and link actual expenses to each activity.



Track your Return

When you add sales and prospects to Actionstep, you can also enter the marketing activities that gave rise to the sales lead. In many cases, a prospective client may have been exposed to several marketing activities before they decided to make contact. Actionstep will allow you to allocate the return accordingly.

Because Actionstep knows which marketing activities gave rise to each client, it can report on the actual income received against the actual costs for the marketing activities, and give you an accurate report on your return on investment (ROI).

Powerful List Views

Actionstep’s list views allow you to see all your marketing campaigns and activities at a glance, along with key information such as current stage, ROI, last activity date, and much more.


Making Sense of Law Firm Marketing in 2018

In this webinar, Ted Jordan, founder and CEO of Actionstep, and Jan Roos, CEO of CaseFuel, cover basic strategies to help move away from price shoppers and attract educated prospects, what is working for legal today, and more.

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