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New features: Integrate with Timeslips, get control of your response times, and easily view important tasks.

Timeslips integration

Using Sage Timeslips to manage your billing? We’ve got great news for you - you can now easily export your time entries from Actionstep for import into Timeslips.


For more information, please see the User Guide.

Better response times = more clients

Prospective clients can be lost in a matter of minutes. A web enquiry comes in, and by the time your team gets in touch, the prospect might not respond, and may have already engaged with one of your competitors.

Your odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes, versus 30 minutes, drop 100 times.

We’ve introduced a new feature in webforms to help you measure your response times and increase your chance of engaging new clients. Once an enquiry is received via webform, the clock starts ticking. The clock stops once the enquiry is converted into a matter, which assumes one of your team members has contacted the client, or is going to make contact right away.

export data

You can even export the data (or have it automatically e-mailed to you via a HeadsUp rule) to report your response time over any period, and see where improvements need to be made.

This feature is already live/active in your system, and no additional setup is required. We hope it brings you many happy clients.

Never miss an important deadline

Missing an important deadline is the leading cause of malpractice claims. Actionstep already has comprehensive task management functionality to help you stay on top of your deadlines, and we’ve made some visual improvements based on your feedback to make your high priority tasks more visible.