Conveyancing Data Services

Reliable, fast and accurate Conveyancing searches.

Conveyancing Data Services

Conveyancing Data Services is a Conveyancing Search Provider which has been created to supply all the necessary information required for a property transaction in a way that suits you and how you choose to work.

Our vast industry knowledge and experience of supplying conveyancing information to the legal sector guarantees that we appreciate the importance of providing a totally bespoke service. Whichever ordering, payment and delivery method you prefer our Client Services Team have been specifically trained to manage and meet your expectations.

The integration with Conveyancing Data Services allows you to extract key property information from within your Actionstep matter and pre-populate fields within the CDS search platform, reducing any need to re-key data and improving efficiency. The resulting email notifications and search results are copied back into the originating Actionstep matter.

The packaged integration matter type can be installed by any Actionstep user from this page but requires custom configuration to connect your Actionstep & CDS accounts together. Contact and consult our User Guide for more information.

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