Direct access to GlobalX search within Actionstep matters

GlobalX is a user-friendly search & information broker for property, company, business & regulatory information. With flexible commercial terms and an outstanding support function, GlobalX is noted for excellent customer service.

Actionstep’s integration with GlobalX Search gives Actionstep users direct access to GlobalX Search products from within your client matters files.

Direct GlobalX Integration

Our direct integration is a simple two way connection to request and receive search results from GlobalX.

The benefits of the direct integration include:
  • Instant, integrated access: Search services include property information, company & business information.
  • Save time on admin: Less time rekeying known matter and client data into GlobalX
  • Search results where you need them: Direct return of the search results into related matter folders within Actionstep
  • Automated billing: Automatic allocation of associated disbursements to client matters

There is no cost associated with this integration, however, users will need Actionstep and GlobalX accounts for the integration to work.

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Need more advanced search integration?
Konekta GlobalX Integration

Konekta provides smart connections for Actionstep. Optimised for the conveyancing sector, Konekta provides access to a range of advanced search and compliance connections, including GlobalX and PEXA.

Learn about Konekta

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