Automatic billing and recording of calls directly in your Actionstep account.

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We help businesses work smarter, faster, & more economically. As a VoIP business provider, business VoIP reseller & VoIP dealer, we provide reliable & secure telecoms over IP. We have a 97% client retention rate without contracts. Our customers stick with us because our expert knowledge and experience make their lives easier and their businesses better.

VIP VoIP’s Integration with Actionstep allows users to log the client, duration and the audio recording into your Actionstep account automatically. Staff will no longer need to remember to create time entries for calls as it is all done for them without the need for any manual intervention. Calls are automatically matched to the correct client and matter and then logged as a file note and/or time entry. You can then also download and listen back to calls from within your Actionstep account.

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