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Billing can get complicated with different billing arrangements by matter, matter type, and individual clients. Knowing when to bill a client is very important for cashflow and for maintaining good client relationships.

Actionstep Billing

Calendar Matters

Flexible Billing To Suit Your Firm

Actionstep has comprehensive and intuitive billing features designed specifically for law firms, including:

  • Time and Fixed-Fee Billing
  • Mass and Email Billing
  • Quotes and Fee Estimates
  • General Retainer
  • Matter-Level Bill Customization
  • Discounts
  • Flexible Time Entry
  • Write-Ups/write-Downs
  • Rate-Sheet Overrides
  • Expense Recovery/Disbursements
  • Flexible Invoice Templates
  • And more…

Get The Information You Need

Get a complete view of your matter, from the new matter detail view. The new billing views give you a concise summary of your matter from a billing perspective. Views include:

  • Fee/Expense
  • Bills and Payments
  • Trust Accounting
  • General Retainer
  • Overall Summary

The views come with a transaction history, and allow you to create any billing related transaction without having to leave the screen. You can also view, edit and delete transactions from the matter views.

Actionstep Billing

Calendar Matters

Never Miss a Billable Minute

Do more with time entries with flexible time tracking. This enhanced feature allows you to:

  • Change the hourly rate at the matter level or when creating a time entry
  • Create a flat rate entry while still tracking time
  • Change rates on the fly without creating a new category
  • See hourly rate and value of time
  • Create flat rate entries
  • Control how time appears on a bill

Get Paid For Your Efforts

Actionstep’s mass billing feature allows you to bill a collection of matters by practice area, responsible attorney or selected matters. The new review process makes it quick and easy to review your bills before they are finalized.

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to generate, review and edit bills
  • Mass email bills automatically without having to do them one by one
  • Improve your billing processes and significantly reduce the time it takes to get your bills out
  • Increase the bottom line and improve cash flow

Actionstep Billing

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