Time Tracking

Actionstep has a ton of features to ensure that no billable time falls between the cracks.

Time Tracking

Ready, Set, Go

With Actionstep, you can easily start a timer from any screen, have multiple timers open simultaneously to track how long you are spending on various activities, and enter any relevant notes. Our handy mobile app also lets you record time where you’re away from the office.

Intuitive Time Recording

When you stop a timer, Actionstep will help you fill out your time entry by setting sensible defaults based on what you were doing. You can quickly edit details such as hours worked, which matter it relates to, the description, and billing rates and settings.

Time Recording

Time Sheets

Intelligent Time Sheets

Actionstep’s Timesheet features let you see all your time records and disbursements at a glance. A progress bar indicates how much of your day has been filled, and ‘Smart Suggestions’ will help you fill in the gaps by listing the matters and activities you have been working on.

Activity Codes

Set up predefined activity codes that allow you to quickly enter common items such as client meetings or document drafting. The activity codes will auto-fill the descriptions and select the appropriate rate-sheet and income account.

Task-based Billing - UTBMS (LEDES) Codes

If your client requires you to submit invoices with formal task and activity codes (like LEDES for example), these can easily be set up in Actionstep and will flow through to your invoices.


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