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Catalyst Cloud Solutions

“Connecting Businesses, Advisors and Automation Solutions for better business growth,” Catalyst Cloud Solutions is an Adelaide-based Global Accountancy & Cloud Solutions firm.

About Us

Our mission is to enable New Zealand's digital economy to flourish with state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and platform services delivered onshore.

Founded in 2014, Catalyst Cloud was born of Catalyst IT. We found we couldn’t get what we needed in a cloud provider locally, so we built for ourselves a true public cloud (that has the five essential characteristics, according to National Institute of Standards and Technology). Then our customers started asking us about our cloud. So we created a public and private cloud service, tailored especially for the local market.

We’ve designed our cloud services to be accessible with powerful, cost effective and easy to implement solutions.

A local business with a global outlook, we’re always looking to help both the international cloud computing industry, and New Zealand businesses evolve. We’re open source because we believe in freedom, choice and transparency.

As New Zealand’s first CNCF Certified Kubernetes provider, we offer open access to Catalyst Cloud’s services so you can customise them to suit your needs. We’re confident you’ll want to stay with us, not because we lock you in, but because of our service.

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