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Law Firm Consulting Group Pty Ltd

LFCG is an experienced team of law firm consultants, advisory and delivery specialists, dedicated to achieving high performance at all levels of your organisation. Specialising in: (1) Practice management implementation; (2) Accounting, branding, and HR; and (3) I.T. services

Victoria, Australia

Contact Details:
Max Elkin
1300 853 140

Actionstep Certified Partner Since:
January 2019


  • Data Extraction and Migration
  • Process Improvement With Technology
  • Software Training
  • Workflow Customisation
  • New Staff Onboarding and Systems Integration


  • Actionstep
  • NetDocuments
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • PageLightPrime

About Us

With years of experience as management consultants to the legal profession, LFCG understands the breadth and complexity that your business may involve.

Based in Melbourne, we service law firms that are based all over Australia and have successfully worked with some prominent firms. Understanding the way you do business ensures that focus is retained on the project vision and objectives. LFCG understands the need for business agility, technology effectiveness, and simply doing more with less. Using best practice learned through past engagements, we develop custom solutions that equip organisations with the tools necessary to succeed.

"LFCG provided invaluable training that will save us lots of time in the long run. Honestly, Actionstep IS going to change our lives, it’s a great product and the way that LFCG explained it all was just so great. It’s really consistent with the quality of the product that Actionstep also has such fantastic representatives. They’re very lucky to have LFCG and so were we."

- Lacey & Co

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