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LawHawk is a document automation and HotDocs specialist. Have your firm’s documents (of any complexity) automated by specialists with years of leading legal experience.

About Us

We are lawyers (but not a law firm) who mainly help other lawyers improve and automate their processes to save time and increase quality and compliance.

Law Experts + Proven Technology = Successful Outcomes

The primary output of our work is usually some form of automated document or information. However, the technology only becomes valuable after we work with you to review your current documents and processes, identify improvements, and how you can successfully roll-out your new solution to maximise its impact.

We are not software developers. The value we add is through applying our legal and automation skills to maximise the results from the technology, not trying to build it.

When designing and building our solutions, we use reliable software that we have thoroughly learned and tested, and that we trust and rely on to deliver the required outcomes for you. The main software we use is HotDocs, which has been the global market leader in document automation for over 20 years.

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