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3 Concerns Preventing Law Firms From Moving to The Cloud (and How To Overcome Them)

Operating in the cloud is no longer an option, but a must. Most people already operate many parts of their personal and business lives in the cloud, and moving practice management from on-premise to the cloud makes sense on many levels given the advantages. But why are so many on-premise firms hesitant to take the plunge?

Migrating a practice management system to the cloud can be seen as complicated, costly, and risky. Selecting the right vendor, migrating all of your data, and getting fully setup can involve a huge disruption for your firm.

With some on-premise vendors withdrawing support for their software, law firms are understandably nervous about what the future holds for their current systems, and are looking to cloud based alternatives. While there are many cloud based systems available on the market, not all are equal in terms of their functionality.

Here are 3 things you’ll need to consider when considering moving to a cloud based legal practice management system:

1. Functionality

On-premise based systems have been around for decades, and over this time they have built up a breadth of features to meet lawyers needs. Unfortunately, most cloud based solutions are relatively new to the market, and finding a platform with the same functionality can be challenging. Make sure you select a system that can meet all of your firm’s needs - now, and in future.

2. Data migration

Mature firms will have built up a massive amount of data in their practice management system. Exporting this, moving it to a new system, and placing it in the right context can be a huge cost in terms of IT support and time. Ensure that your new cloud system will make this transition as seamless as possible.

3. Disruption to your business

Minimising disruption is crucial during this time to ensure your firm can keep working and not miss out on any billable time. Having knowledgeable consultants who understand the best way to handle the change is advised.

We have many clients who have always used server based software who have been contemplating going to a cloud solution. Because of the flexibility of Actionstep, and the depth of front and back office flexibility, we have successfully migrated firms to Actionstep.  The workflow and automation features have proven to be an important factor for our clients when it comes to increasing efficiency and profitability.

Debbie Foster, Partner, Affinity Consulting Group

Actionstep - an ideal cloud replacement for your on-premise practice management system.

Actionstep is the only cloud-based system that can match or exceed the feature set of your current on-premise solution. Actionstep is extremely customisable, meaning that you can create data fields and workflows to match your current system - allowing you to migrate your data without losing any functionality.

To assist customers moving over from on-premise systems, Actionstep has developed an easy migration tool to help you move all of your data over to Actionstep.

This tool makes moving all of your existing contacts, matters, and back-office over to a modern cloud system painless, and minimises disruption for your firm. Best of all, we offer this as a free service.

The desktop app is easy to install, and extracts all of your existing systems data. This is then encrypted, and uploaded securely and seamlessly to your new Actionstep system.

We’ll also help you get setup and minimise disruption to your business with their expert support team and Certified Consulting Partners.

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