Client Portal

Provide your clients with a secure portal to collaborate on documents, see matter updates, and chat with you in real-time.

Client Portal

Secure Client Communications

For all of its benefits, email isn’t the most secure way to communicate and share files with clients. When you send an email, it can hop around the world from server to server, each having its own security and storage policies. Actionstep’s client portal allows you to setup an encrypted communication and document exchange platform for you and your client.

Client Communication

Restrict Access

Easily Provide (Limited) Access

From within each matter, you can choose which external parties should have access to the client portal. By customizing permissions for users, you can control whether your clients can read, create, upload, or delete documents by folder. By limiting permissions to “upload only,” clients and external parties can upload documents to a folder, but not see the contents of that folder. This allows you to have several unrelated parties upload documents to a central folder and still retain confidentiality.

Collaborate in Real Time

Actionstep’s client portal contains a secure chat feature, where parties can exchange messages in real-time.

Instant Notifications

Each time a document has been uploaded or updated in the portal, users will get notified by email. There is also a built-in portal notification, located in the alert bar in Actionstep.

Client Communication

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