Document Automation

Generate ready-to-send documents and emails in seconds with Actionstep’s powerful automation features.

Document Automation

Click and Create

Actionstep’s document automation features pull live data from your legal matters and insert it into pre-configured documents or email templates at the click of a button.

Avoid re-entering the same data and save potentially hundreds of hours per year.

Any type of data can be inserted into the templates including names, addresses, custom data fields, logos, and even financial information. You can quickly design your own templates in Microsoft Word, or choose a package from our Marketplace for your practice area with templates included.

Document Automation

Product Integrations

Smart Logic

You can easily set up blocks of text that will be added or removed in your final document based on the conditions of the matter.

Integrate with Microsoft Office

Seamlessly integrate Actionstep with Microsoft Office, so you can open, edit, and save documents in Actionstep directly from Word.

Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

Actionstep helps you ensure your documents are right the first time, and reduces the amount of proofreading required. Actionstep can also detect gender and the number of people in a document, and will automatically adjust the pronouns (he, she, they, etc) and the number of signature blocks.

HotDocs Integration

For very complex templates which include interviews, overlays, and multiple document outputs, you can run HotDocs templates from within Actionstep.

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