Actionstep helps accelerate your client intake and deliver a great first impression.


Custom Forms for your Website

Actionstep’s form builder allows you to easily create client-facing forms and customize them to suit your requirements. Once you’re done, the form builder will generate a code to be placed on your website. You, or your web designer, can customize the theme as much as you like to suit your website design and layout.



Instant Alerts

Once a prospect visits your website and submits a Webform, Actionstep will automatically notify relevant staff members by e-mail and alert them in the Actionstep notification bar.

Secure New Clients

Your odds of contacting a prospect if called in 5 minutes, versus 30 minutes, drop 100 times. Actionstep Webforms help you measure your response times so you can increase your chance of securing new clients. Once an enquiry is received, the clock starts ticking and doesn’t stop until the form is processed or marked as junk.

Avoid Data Entry

Once a webform is received, it can be quickly converted into a matter and all the information is transferred to the correct fields.


You can export Webform summary data (or have it automatically e-mailed to you on a regular basis) to report the number of enquiries received and your response time over any period.


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