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It was announced today that HotDocs has been acquired by AbacusNext. HotDocs has assured us that the acquisition will not affect Actionstep's integration with HotDocs, and there will be no changes for Actionstep clients using this feature.

You Asked, We Listened. Enhanced Billing in Actionstep offers a broad range of new features and enhancements to Actionstep’s billing functions, all of which have been developed in direct response to client feedback. The new features are easy to use and add billing functionality and new productivity reports. See all the new

We’re pleased to announce that Actionstep now integrates with Bundledocs. What is Bundledocs? Developed by Legal IT Ltd, who have over 17 years experience providing services in the legal sector, Bundledocs is the ultimate time saver. Bundledocs makes document bundle creation easy. Documents are automatically formatted, including hyperlinks and bookmarks, collated, indexed with