Actionstep Introduces Probate and UCPR Precedents Plus a New Gmail Integration

Posted in Legal Practice Intelligence – 3 April 2014

Actionstep is a cloud-based practice management platform that integrates with Xero accounting.

Probate and Litigation Apps

The Actionstep App Store has been created to enable Actionstep users to access apps that can be used with the platform. NSW law firms can subscribe to the recently launched Probate and Litigation apps. These apps are each available for $5 per user per month.

The Probate App includes a list of workflow steps and court document templates. The Litigation App comes with a list of document templates based on the New South Wales court documents for Uniform Civil Procedure Rules (“UCPR”).

To create the court documents using the document templates, users need the Actionstep plug-in for HotDocs. When creating a document, the template fields are pre-populated with information entered on the matter, saving  time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Free Apps

A range of free apps is also available at the Actionstep app store, including:

• Employee File to manage employees and recruitment
• Deeds management
• Asset register
• Sales/CRM and
• Password Manager

Secure Document Exchange (SDX)

Law firms can share documents with clients through the Secure Document  Exchange. Lawyers can selectively enable client access on a document-by-document basis. When a client is granted access to a matter they will receive an email with a link to login. Once they have set a password they will be able to see the documents to which they have been granted access. An audit trail is maintained of all access to the documents.

New Integration with Gmail

The new Actionstep gadget for Gmail allows Actionstep users to access and upload matter data directly from Gmail.

“This is a real game-changer” said Ted Jordan, Actionstep CEO.  “Actionstep already integrates with Outlook, so this new integration with Gmail means that Actionstep users no longer have to leave their email to upload emails, billable time and documents to actions. It works where they work, right inside their email and calendar!”

The Actionstep gadget allows Gmail users who have Google Apps to copy messages, save attachments, view matter party details and record time to Actionstep matters from inside Gmail.


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