Add File Notes from Gmail

With the latest update to the Actionstep Google Gadget plugin you can now add file notes to linked actions (matters).  This is really a great time saver and also helps you record accurate file notes.

Saving an email to Actionstep from within Gmail is great, however it is often not enough.  When users review an action it is very helpful if the file notes make reference to important emails.  You don’t have to copy the entire contents of the email to the file note, but if you add an excerpt like “Client has sent through some requested changes – see attached email”, then this greatly enhances the user experience.

What about the Outlook plugin?

The same changes have been made to the Outlook plugin and this is in final testing.  We expect to release this in the next few weeks along with the plugin for Microsoft Office.

Do I have to re-install the Google Gadget?

No, the update is pushed through automatically.  However depending on your chache settings in your browser you may not get it immediately.  We suggest that you clear your cache and reload the page to ensure that you have the latest version.  See user guide for more details.


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