Connect Your Website to ActionStep

ActionStep WebForms allow you to easily use your public facing website to capture and process customer inquiries.

The benefits are plentiful:

  • No double data entry;
  • Capture the data at the source;
  • Kick off standard workflows to ensure that inquiries are handled consistently;
  • Generate useful reports on inquiries and outcomes;
  • Receive instant notifications when inquiries are received;
  • Get more value from your existing website (without extra cost).

Processing WebForms

When a WebForm is submitted you will be alerted via email and the alert bar at the bottom of your screen. Once you open a form you can review the data and decide if it is valid or junk.

Automatic Contact Matching

Valid submissions are automatically checked against your ActionStep contacts and you can decide whether to create a new contact, or update the existing contact information from the submitted data. This is a great way to keep your contact information up to date.

Webforms are Linked to Workflows

Once a WebForm is saved it automatically creates, and copies the data into a new Action (matter) and places it on the Start step of the associated workflow. Users simply follow the workflow steps from that point forward to process the inquiries consistently and efficiently.

Creating a WebForm

Setting up a WebForm could not be easier. No technical know-how is required.

1. In ActionStep go to Form Manager (under the WebForms menu)
2. Create a new Form and give it a name
3. Add the data fields you wish to capture (names, addresses, custom data fields)
4. Copy-and-paste the generated code to your website
5. Done!

ActionStep automatically creates the HTML code and the embedded security that you need. If you have a login to your website administration panel then simply paste the code where you want the form to appear, or send the code to your web designer.

ActionStep WebForms allow you to choose from a set of default layouts but your web designer is free to modify the styles as needed.

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