Cool Feature Alert – “Next Date”

When designing your matter types you often need to setup a number of key dates. For example in a commercial property lease matter type you will have the lease renewal date and several types of rent review dates. The question is: how can you quickly tell which date is coming up next when viewing a list of matters?

Sure you can add list columns for each date field but that will mean manually scanning each row of the list to figure out which is next. Not ideal.

To solve this we’ve introduced two special custom list columns:
1. Next Occurring Date, and
2. Label of Next Occurring Date.

Next Date

This allows you to specify a group of date fields and the list will display the earliest next date in the group AND the label of that date.

So in the rent review example above if the next date was the CPI rent review then the label column would show “CPI Rent Review” and the Next Occurring date column would show the date of the CPI rent review.

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