Custom Calendar List Views – You asked for it, so here it is!

For many businesses that see clients/prospects on a regular basis their calendar is indispensable part of their operations.  One of the great benefits of Actionstep is that the calendar appointments can be linked to workflow and custom data elements giving them a greater context.

The custom calendar lists allow users to view their appointments alongside other matter data such as participants, expected sales amount and custom data elements.

Typical uses will be to see a select list of certain types of appointments e.g. initial consults, client requirements, and outcomes of previous meetings.

Users can sort and filter by a variety of parameters e.g. to see all appointments related to certain action types (e.g. implementations) or for appointments with sale amounts above a certain threshold, or by outcome (reschedules, no-shows, etc.).

For detailed instructions on how to create custom calendar list views take a look at our user guide.



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