Fully-integrated calendar and instant bidirectional synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google calendars.

A calendar that can keep up with your workload.

Connect, integrate, and get work done faster.

Your calendar can function as your workspace, allowing you to open tasks and matters directly from the calendar screen. Easily share your personal calendar with other users, and create shared calendars for resources such as boardrooms, or shared schedules.

Link appointments to matters

Link your appointments to matters, open the matters from the calendar, and even view related appointments.

Mobile calendar sync

Connect to your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Calendar, and use your Actionstep calendar directly from your mobile device in real time.

Custom calendar reports

Using Actionstep’s flexible list view features, you can create custom calendar reports that combine appointments, matters, and accounting data. Like all Actionstep list views, these can be exported to an Excel file, or emailed to you daily or weekly.


Cashflow is a shining example of the power of a fully-integrated system. When you add an appointment and link it to a matter, Actionstep can tell you if the client owes you money. This allows you to gently remind clients of any arrears when you meet with them. If you collect any money at the appointment, then you can record it through the calendar.