Client Billing

Get sales, get work done, get paid.

Time and Fixed-Fee Billing

You can bill matters based on time, fixed fees, or both. Actionstep’s fixed-fee billing lets you setup an expected payment schedule, which can optionally be linked to steps in the workflow. On each step you can specify whether an invoice needs to be created, or receive a payment before allowing the user to move to the next step. This ensures that all matters are billed and paid for at the appropriate times.

Rate-sheet Overrides

Each system role gets a default rate sheet, and if nothing further is specified then that will be the default rate when a user enters time. You can override the default by:

Expense Recovery

You can easily add disbursements to matters using templates that will set default amounts and select the appropriate accounts. Supplier invoices can be coded to matters either as a whole invoice or on a line-item basis.

When the time comes to bill the matter, you will be prompted to include the expense items in the client bill to recover your costs.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) Management

You can quickly see all WIP on a matter and decide whether to bill it, or put it on hold. Clicking on the totals in the matter billing summary will allow you to drill down to the source records and make adjustments if necessary. Once WIP is linked to an invoice you can adjust the invoice amounts without affecting the source records. If you delete an invoice the original WIP will be returned to the pool.

Several reports will show you unfilled WIP by matter or team member.

Flexible Invoice Layouts

Actionstep gives you complete control over the invoice layouts using our powerful document generation technology. The invoice templates are Microsoft Word documents that you can easily edit to suit your firm. You can start from scratch, or use one of our built-in templates as a starting point.

Payment Allocations

For firms on a cash accounting basis, you can select the order in which partial payments are applied to invoices. For example, you may specify that disbursements get cleared before attributing fees to time keepers.

Get paid online

(Only available in the United States currently. Coming soon to other regions)

How it works:

This level of sophistication is only possible because Actionstep includes a fully integrated back-office capability as part of its legal practice management solution.


Actionstep uses ProPay to bring you the best direct rates. No middleman. ProPay uses a blended rate so there is no guesswork, and you don’t have to worry about high-price reward cards.

The rates are as follows:

Funds are deposited to your bank within 2 business days. There are no early termination fees. You can cancel at any time.