Client Portal

Give your clients real-time access to their matters.

Client expectations are changing

With the increase of online self-service websites, client expectations have risen. Rather than waiting for a phone call or a letter informing them of how their legal matter is progressing, more and more clients are asking for real-time updates.

This is not only good for your client, but also good for your firm, as it drastically reduces the inbound call volume of clients asking for a status update.

Actionstep lets you setup a secure system role that gives clients selected access to their matters (and only their matters). By adjusting their login permissions, you can control what they can see and do once logged in.

Best of all, client logins are free.

Secure Document Exchange

Sending sensitive legal documents via email is problematic because you have no control over how the message is delivered. When email travels over the Internet, it typically “hops” from server to server, some of which may not even be in your country, which means copies of the message may be left on servers along the way. Each server has its own settings and may strip certain attachments due to size or security settings. You also have no sure way of knowing whether the message was delivered to, received and read by the recipient.

Actionstep offers a secure and immediate alternative to email delivery called ‘Secure Document Exchange’. Within each matter you can elect to share certain document folders with your clients. Actionstep maintains an audit trail of all document access so you can be sure that the documents have been delivered. Clients can also have a secure ‘chat’ with you regarding the documents or the matter generally.