Fully manage your e-mail from within Actionstep, or use our integrations for Outlook and Gmail.

Emails Linked to Matters

Each matter has its own inbox and outbox, so you can see all the email correspondence for the matter in one place. You can compose and send new messages from within the matter, and replies will automatically come back into the matter and optionally send a copy to you.

Email Templates

Using Actionstep’s powerful document assembly technology, you can easily create email templates that will incorporate live matter data. This saves you a lot of time and ensures that your email correspondence is always letter-perfect. You can instantly create comprehensive email messages without embarrassing typos.

Automatic Email

Keep your clients and staff informed by sending them automatic emails when reaching certain steps in the matter. By configuring your workflow, you can set up e-mail templates to be sent automatically on certain steps. This is a very easy way to make you clients feel special and saves you from fielding phone calls asking for updates. It’s a win-win all round!

Outlook and Gmail Plugins

If you prefer to use Outlook or Gmail, no problem! Actionstep seamlessly integrates with Outlook (PC) and Gmail (Mac or PC), and allows you to link messages directly to matters in Actionstep and upload any attachments as documents. You can even record matter file notes and tasks from within Outlook and Gmail.