Create your own, or use one of the 100+ built-in reports

Built-in reports

Over 100 reports are built into Actionstep covering areas such as; financial statements, debtors, creditors, time-billing, and matter productivity. Standard reports can be switched on and off as needed and access is controlled via permission settings.

List views (Custom Reports)

List Views (aka “Custom Lists”) form an essential part of the Actionstep user interface, and can be found wherever a large amount of information needs to be displayed. Lists are useful for sorting, searching, and filtering the data to help you find what you’re looking for. You can export the lists to spreadsheets for even more detailed analysis if required.

Reports via email

Actionstep allows you receive list view reports via email on a schedule that you define. This has a wide variety of uses, for example:

‘Heads Up’

‘Heads Up’ allows you to receive a customized email on selected days of the week with information from your Actionstep system. This can include information such as; a list of active matters assigned to you, upcoming tasks, or matters with recent activity.

Other reporting category options include (and are not limited to):