Finding Hard-to-Find Stuff

It’s easy to find things you deal with on a daily basis, but every now and again you need to find something that is buried away somewhere.  A perfect example is insurance details.

Business insurance is essential and you probably spend a lot of time setting this up each year and when you’re finished you file the policies away somewhere nice and secure and then move onto your day job. But then sometime later in the year you, or a staff member, get a request for some details of your insurance coverage.  Where do you start looking?  Is the hard copy in a filing cabinet or in someone’s desk drawer, was it scanned and uploaded to the file server, maybe search your email for attachments?  Either way it can be bit frustrating.  Unless of course you’re using the Actionstep Insurance Policy Manager App 🙂

innsurance_umbrella_iconInsurance Policy Manager App

Available for free from the Actionstep App Store, this app is a perfect example of how you can manage the administrative side of your business in Actionstep. This app has a basic workflow, contact details of the related parties, details of the insurance coverage, folders to store the documents, file notes of any discussions, email trail, and a custom list that lets you quickly search, sort and filter your insurance policies.  Often the information you are looking for can be obtained directly fro the list without having to open the policy documents.

When the time comes to renew each policy you can quickly retrieve the application form that you used last time and simply update the details for the new application.

Other Hard-to-Find Stuff

Insurance policies are just one example, but the concept can be extended to keeping track of facilities, shareholders, board meetings, tax filings, assets, etc.

Roll your own, or download preconfigured workflows from the AppStore.

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