HotDocs Integration

The much anticipated integration between ActionStep and HotDocs is finally about to become a reality.  The recent release of  “HotDocs Cloud Services” paves the way for ActionStep to integrate directly with HotDocs to generate HotDocs templates from within ActionStep matters.

But ActionStep already has DocGen, so why HotDocs?

Good question; and there are several good answers:

  • There are thousands of HotDocs templates already in the market and many clients would like to use ActionStep without requiring them to convert all their existing templates;
  • HotDocs is a specialist in document assembly and it has some advanced features that are not available in ActionStep. So for clients looking for complex document assembly HotDocs offers a lot of additional capability;
  • Many of our certified consultants are HotDocs experts and can provide clients with enhanced solutions using HotDocs templates; and
  • Because we like to offer our clients a choice.

How will it Work?

HotDocs templates can be uploaded to ActionStep the same way as ActionStep doc templates. When a user chooses to generate the template ActionStep will detect that it is a HotDocs template and make a behind-the-scenes call to HotDocs Web Services (HWS). If HWS needs to ask the user additional information then ActionStep will popup an interview screen inside the matter with the associated questions. Once HWS has all the information it needs it will generate the document, and then ActionStep will save the assembled document back to the matter in the same way as a regular ActionStep template. So for the end user the process will be pretty much unchanged, with the exception of a possible interview screen.

Nice! So when will this happen?

I figured that would be the next question :). Q3 is the answer. When in Q3? Hopefully towards the beginning (Jul-Aug), but the nature of software development and especially integration work makes it hard to pin a date. But at this stage we’re pretty confident that we will get this out before the end of September.

We will keep users posted via the Linked In User Group as we progress.

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