In-house legal software

Actionstep provides secure, cloud-based software specifically designed for in-house legal teams.

Corporate “big-iron” technology does not typically meet the needs of the in-house legal teams. As an in-house lawyer your software requirements are more closely aligned with a traditional law firm. Actionstep provides secure, cloud-based software specifically designed for in-house legal teams.


Matter Workflow

Easily create workflows to match your internal processes. Steps guide users through matters from start to finish and ensure that nothing gets missed. Workflow is key to efficiency, compliance, and good reporting.


See who’s working on what, and collaborate on matters. A live activity feed tells you what is happening around you. Share calendars, assign tasks, and keep stakeholders up to date via the matter portal.


Assemble emails and documents in seconds using live matter data. Automatically assign tasks, collect information and send email as the matter moves from step to step.


Custom reports can be created in a matter of minutes. Users can slice and dice the data, save filters and export to Excel. Selected reports can be sent to you daily via email.

Time And Costs

Easily track time spent on matters to give you accurate reports on the internal cost of your work. Track real expenses for matters outsourced to external law firms.


Define what users can see and do. Managers can get a high-level view across teams. Matters can be marked as “Restricted” at any time to limit access to specific people.


Open and save documents and email directly to matters from within Microsoft™ Office and Gmail. Use our API for advanced integration with in-house IT systems.

Stay Compliant

The workflows in each matter type ensure that users complete all mandatory tasks before moving to the next step. So you can rest assured that when a matter reaches completion everything has been done correctly.

Manage External Law Firms

You can easily assign work to external law firms and provide them with secure, limited access to the matter files using the Portal. You decide what they can see and do, and an audit trail keeps track of all activity. Costs and time can be tracked for each matter.

Find Stuff Quickly

A powerful search engine lets you search across matters, contacts, file notes, emails and within documents. Custom lists organize matters, tasks and calendars so you can quickly see items that need immediate attention, read the last file note, and view the next task.

Don’t Miss Deadlines

We call it “set-it-and-forget-it”. Enter a follow-up item into Actionstep and there are many ways you can be reminded when the time comes (text message, email, alerts, etc.). Rest easy knowing that you’re not going to miss anything.


It’s easy to get a bird’s-eye view of the workload across individuals and teams. This helps with resource planning and to identify bottlenecks. Drill down to open any matter and look at the details.

Prove Your Value

Actionstep automatically tracks all matters by type, who worked on them, the actual and billable time, time spent on each step, and outcomes. This information can feed reports giving a clear picture of how much value the legal team is providing to the corporation.

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