“Jump” Steps

I must still be a nerd at heart because the most exciting thing that happened to me all week was the release of the “Jump Step” feature into the ActionStep workflow. I’m not sure what that says about me, but either way we now have Jump Steps !

Jump Steps – what are they?

We have bumped into a number of scenarios of the years where the traditional tree-structure workflow doesn’t quite cut-it or it makes for an unwieldy configuration. It happens occasionally with matters in legal practice management , but this came to a head recently while creating workflow templates for Sales/CRM and Help Desk where you often need to “Park” an action pending further information or waiting for a client to respond. Then, depending on the response you may need to “jump” to the appropriate place in the workflow. Without “jump”steps you would have to create sub-trees under each parked node for every possible scenario, which makes for very big step trees, not to mention the maintenance headache if you decide to change the workflow. With Jump Steps you eliminate the need for these sub-trees and you can simply jump back to any node in the tree.

Loops – at last!

Jump Steps allow you to create genuine loops in the workflow – finally! Up until now you had no option other than to create a task telling the user to manually jump back to a previous node to create loop. With Jump Steps the previous nodes appear to user as a simple next step.

For more Info

As the old saying goes: “when all else fails consult the user guide”. We’ve published an update to the “Creating Workflows” user guide document which shows you how to use and create jump steps.

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