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This add-on is designed to manage Australian Family Law matters.

Note: This add-on requires the Hotdocs integration and a subscription to their service. Learn more.

This add-on is designed to manage Australian Family Law matters. The add-on includes a list of steps and court document templates to help ensure you manage these effectively and efficiently. The workflow can be used when acting for the applicant or respondent.


You can extend or modify this workflow to suit your business, for example, add/remove steps, add other participant types, and default “tasks” for each step.


The add-on comes with a list of document templates based on the court documents for the Family Court, Family Law Courts and Federal Circuit Court. You can use these templates to complete court documents. To create the court documents using the document templates, you will need the Actionstep plug-in for HotDocs. When creating a document using the template, fields are pre-populated with information entered on the matter, saving you and your team time and reducing the likelihood of making errors.

Secure Document Exchange (SDX)
You can use Actionstep’s built-in secure portal to share your documents with your clients. You can selectively enable client access on a document-by-document basis. When a client is granted access to a matter they will receive an email with a link to login. Once they have set a password they will be able to see the documents you have granted them access to. An audit trail is maintained of all access to the documents. This is a great way to give your clients secure access to their documents without having them phoning your firm each time they need a copy.

The system additions, workflows, and/or document templates contained in this add-on are included as examples only, and you are solely responsible for configuring the system to meet your needs and to comply with local regulatory requirements. We update and maintain this add-on as per our third-party liaison recommendations, but cannot guarantee the contents will always remain up-to-date for your region. Actionstep and other providers will not be liable under the law of tort, contract or otherwise for any loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss or damage, however caused, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this add-on.

List of document templates:

Updates to the forms are published in the user guide

Family Master Information (Family Law Forms)
FC100 – Affidavit (Family Court)
FC110 – Affidavit of single expert witness (Family Court)
FC120 – Annexure to draft consent parenting order (Family Court)
FC130 – Application for consent orders (Family Court)
FC140 – Application in a case (Family Court)
FC150 – Balance Sheet (Family Court)
FC160 – Case Information (Family Court)
FC170 – Consent – Division 12A of the Family Law Act (Family Court)
FC180 – Notice of address for service (Family Court)
FC190 – Notice of ceasing to act (Family Court)
FC200 – Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence, or Risk of Family Violence (Family Court)
FC210 – Questionnaire – Financial (Family Court)
FC220 – Questionnaire – Parenting (Family Court)
FC230 – Reply (Family Court)
FC240 – Request to attend by electronic communication (Family Court)
FC250 – Response to an application in a case (Family Court)
FC260 – Response to initiating application (Family Court)
FC270 – Subpoena (Family Court)
FC280 – Affidavit for Producing Document under Subpoena (Family Court)
FC290 – Affidavit – non-filing of family dispute resolution certificate (Family Court)
FC300 – Affidavit of service (Family Court)
FC310 – Application – contravention (Family Court)
FC320 – Document to be filed pursuant to Rule 24.01(1)(h) of the Family Law Rules (Family Court)
FC330 – Notice of discontinuance (Family Court)
FC340 – Request for a procedural hearing (Family Court)
FC350 – Undertaking as to disclosure (Family Court)
FCC100 – Affidavit (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC110 – Application in a case (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC120 – Notice of intention to withdraw as lawyer (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC130 – Notice of request to inspect in accordance with FCC Rule 15A.13(1)(c) (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC140 – Notice of withdrawal as lawyer (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC150 – Reply (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC160 – Response (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC170 – Subpoena (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC180 – Notice of address for service (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC190 – Affidavit of service (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC200 – Affidavit for eFiling Application (Divorce) (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC210 – Application – draft consent parenting orders and allegations of abuse or family violence (Federal Circuit Court)
FCC220 – Notice of discontinuance (Federal Circuit Court)
FLC100 – Acknowledgment of service (Divorce) (Family Law Courts)
FLC110 – Affidavit of service by hand (Divorce) (Family Law Courts)
FLC120 – Affidavit of service by post (Divorce) (Family Law Courts)
FLC130 – Consent orders (eFiling) Statement of Independent legal advice third party (Family Law Courts)
FLC140 – Consent orders (eFiling) Statement of truth respondent (Family Law Courts)
FLC150 – Consent orders (eFiling) Statement of truth third party respondent (Family Law Courts) (Family Law Courts)
FLC160 – Credit card payment form (Family Law Courts)
FLC170 – Financial statement (Family Law Courts)
FLC180 – Initiating application (Family Law Courts) (Family Law Courts)
FLC190 – Response to divorce (Family Law Courts)
FLC200 – Affidavit proving signature (Divorce) (Family Law Courts)
FLC210 – Application for exemption from fees – financial hardship (Family Law Courts)
FLC220 – Application for exemption from fees – general (Family Law Courts)
FLC230 – Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity – financial hardship (Family Law Courts)
FLC240 – Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity – general (Family Law Forms)
FLC250 – Request for file inspection (Family Law Courts)
FLC260 – Application for Divorce (Family Law Courts)

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